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DesertAir Mold Prevention SystemJon's Dry Basement® Foundation Repair is the place to call if you are concerned about that musty odor or moisture in your basement. We have been in this industry for years and have the skill and experience necessary to rid your home of all moisture, mold and mildew problems. Whether it's your crawl space or your basement, we have all the solutions to remedy these types of issues.

Did you know that half or more of your basement air flows upward into your house — a result of the so called Stack Effect? A damp basement is not only dank, unpleasant and useless — it’s unhealthy. Allergy-causing mold and mildew thrive in an environment where moisture has taken hold. The Santa Fe Air Filtration System removes up to 400% more moisture than any conventional dehumidifier. And you never have to worry about emptying a pan — it directs the water to the No Water System® or down your existing drain. The Santa Fe not only removes the excess moisture, it also double-filters the air. You can finally have clean, dry air — and a dry basement that is part of the livable, usable space in your Iowa home! No matter what your current basement conditions are, we can help you love your basement.

Santa Fe Air Filtration System

  • The Santa Fe Air Filtration System removes up to 400% more moisture than the average dehumidifier without using any more energy
  • Collected water automatically empties in to the No Water System® or down your existing drain. If a gravity drain isn’t available, a condensate pump can be installed to remove the water. Either way, there’s no pan for you to empty
  • The Santa Fe uses a two-stage filter system: a rinse-clean filter for removing large particles and an easily replaceable filter which removes mold and dust particles down to 2 microns
  • Carbon filters are also available to help remove odors
  • Makes your heater and air conditioner work more efficiently, since drier air is less expensive to heat and cool

Sante Fe Classic

Santa Fe Classic Air Filtration System

  • Will dry the air in a 2,600 square foot basement
  • Can be used in a finished or unfinished basement
  • Can be installed in an unfinished area and ducted to a finished area
Sante Fe Advanced

Santa Fe Advanced Air Filtration System

  • Designed for dehumidifying your crawlspace
  • Will dry the air in up to a 6,000 square foot by 3 foot high crawlspace

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Average rating for Jon's Dry Basement® Foundation Repair is 4.95 stars of 5 stars - based on 69 reviews
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The whole gang from Jon's Dry Basement® Foundation Repair did an excellent job. Having a dry basement will ensure no mold grows down there and that gives us peace of mind. We rated the work done, the estimator and installation crew with excellent marks because they deserved them. I was very ...
Justin S. - Steamboat Rock, IA 50672

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