Bowed/Buckling Foundation Walls

Wall Cracked

Leaning or bowed basement foundation walls are signs of a structural foundation problem. Jon's Dry Basement® Foundation Repair has systems that can help provide a permanent solution. The sooner you address the problem the better because, over time, if not fixed, they may bulge beyond the point of repairability or in rare cases even collapse causing major major structural damage. Check out our service area today and see how many Iowa homes are experiencing our reliable services.

Bowing Foundation Wall Repair

We offer quality, long lasting repairs to preserve the structural integrity of your home. If you're beginning to see cracking, bowing and buckling due to excessive soil and water pressures, it's time to call in the professionals. We specialize in restoring foundations and giving assurance to families who need a contractor that knows the ins and outs of structural damage. With our certified professionals you can rest assured that your repair will be permanent and will also carry our Better-than-Lifetime® Guarantee. We apply the knowledge and skill gained from decades of experience to restore your home's structural integrity and enhance its value. Contact our office in Des Moines and receive a free estimate today!

Wall Anchor Systems for Bowed/Buckling Walls

When we designed the HouseHolder® Anchor System, we created a solution that our Professional Engineers, licensed in Iowa, can custom design to your unique situation. At the core of our system are strong, internal steel supports placed inside of your cracked or bowed foundation wall; thick-duty, corrosion-resistant, steel connecting rods; and a massive, steel-reinforced, concrete anchor placed in virgin soil outside of your home.

Wall Anchor System
  1. The right system for your home needs to be strong enough to withstand the pressures that soil and water exert. This system is far more substantial than any traditional repair method. It uses a steel-reinforced, concrete anchor that holds your wall with thousands of pounds of mass per linear foot instead of the typical systems that attempt to hold the walls with only a few pounds of force per foot.
  2. The right system for you will work only if it is installed correctly. Our installation crews have installed thousands of these systems. They know exactly how to install the system so that it permanently repairs your foundation problem.
  3. Finally, the right solution for your problem needs to be configured specifically for your unique situation. We've seen thousands of different problems. That's why we developed a system that forgoes one-size-fits-all methods in favor of a system that is custom-engineered for the job at hand. Our Estimator, who has been extensively trained and certified by Professional Engineers, will visit with you, perform a thorough analysis and develop the best configuration to permanently solve your problem.

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