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Waterproofing SystemJon's Dry Basement® Foundation Repair offers technologically advanced, patented systems for homeowners wanting to get rid of their water problems once and for all. If you're looking for a company that specializes in waterproofing basements, then you've come to the right place. Our professionals have been certified by structural engineers and have a combined experience of over 100 years, assuring you of the excellent results you want and the best in customer service. With us, you're getting the most reliable system in all of Iowa (which complies with the current International Building Code) and the peace of mind that your property value will be maintained and enhanced. Contact us and receive your free estimate today! Check out our service area today and see what we can do for you.

Basement Waterproofing Systems

We provide repairs via a variety of systems and products that efficiently eliminate problems. Our combined comprehensive technology fused without years of experience will forever rid your leaky basement and mold issues out of your home. Cleanse this area of your home with yard drains, sump pumps and product protection systems. This makes what we offer far superior to other companies in the Iowa area. We have dedicated our time and resources into the perfection of these systems and their most efficient methods of removing and mitigating water out and away from your home.

NoWater Waterproofing System

NoWaterSystem® System

This patented system takes the problem water from outside and inside your walls, and from below your floor - and removes it permanently from your home. If you're a home owner looking for a foolproof system that will PERMANENTLY REMOVE ALL WATER - this is the perfect solution for you. Here's how it works: First, the Bullet Track® rushes water from the wall-footing joint, below the basement floor, and drops it into the Footing Gutter®. At the same time, the Footing Gutter® skims the clean water from below the floor, leaving all sediments behind. Clean water is then collected and discharged to a safe distance away from your home - protecting your home and making the NoWater System® the only water containment-diversion system on the market.

Surface Drain

Surface Drain System

The Surface Drain prevents water from entering your basement, running down its steps or accumulating on its floor. It has a grade which intercepts any water flowing on top of a concrete surface. Once the water is collected by the SurfaceDrain, it is either drained into the NoWater System®, or the DualPumpPack®, or simply drained away from any place it shouldn’t be. The discharge drain from the Surface Drain allows the water to flow away, and at the same time prevents the entry of Radon gas.


FreezeShield® System

Our FreezeShield® System protects the DualPumpPack® System from failure if the discharge line freezes over or becomes clogged for any other reason. It creates a temporary bypass for the water until the ice has melted or any other obstruction has been removed. The water flow is then automatically switched back to its normal discharge route. The FreezeShied® Basement Waterproofing System is an insulated, automatic water switch. It requires no maintenance and has no moving parts that can freeze.

Pump Works System

DualPumpPack® System

Our DualPumpPack® is a patent-pending design that consists of two cast iron, high quality AC pumps. If the primary fails, the secondary takes over automatically. This take-over process will set off an alarm to let you know the primary must be replaced. Will this work during the next heavy rain? How much longer will that old unit last? To be safe, when should I replace my existing unit? You will never have to ask these questions again or pay for a new system unless the old one has actually failed! Contact our office in Des Moines for a free estimate today and click to view our service area!

Pump Works

DualPumpPack® Plus System

In addition to the two AC pumps, this system has a DC battery back-up. This unit takes over automatically during a power failure. It pumps the same amount of water as either the primary or secondary. A fully charged extended battery supplies enough energy to move up to 11,000 gallons of water until the battery is totally depleted. When the power comes back on, the primary will take over again. At that time, the battery will be recharged and kept at full capacity by a trickle charge.

Pump Works Heavy Duty

DualPumpPack® Heavy Duty System

When there is more water than one unit can handle, we recommend our DualPumpPack® Heavy Duty Sump Pump System. It consists of a 1/2 HP and a 1/2 HP AC pump with separate discharge lines. This configuration is capable of pumping almost three times as much water as the basic DualPumpPack®.

All of the DualPumpPack® options are housed in a square basin which accommodates the two AC pumps as well as the optional DC battery back-up unit and the battery.

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