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Basement FinishingIf you are thinking about finishing your basement, call the experts at Jon's Dry Basement® Foundation Repair. We design and manufacture our own materials specifically for the function and beauty you long for. Contact us today for excellent customer service and results that will make you love the new look in your Iowa home.

Other companies use the same materials in their installations that are used in the upstairs of a house - materials that are not moisture and mold resistant under normal conditions. Eventually, these materials will be affected by damp, moldy conditions. The Magic Wall System® not only transforms the look, feel and function of this area, but uses materials that resist the ravages of dampness, mold, and mildew at the same cost as the companies who don't use special materials. And, Magic Wall System® installations usually take only seven to ten working days on average compared to conventional remodeling which can take up to several months.

Basement Remodeling

Besides having the best solutions, we can also transform your basement into a comfortable, year 'round living-working-playing space through the Magic Wall System®, our remodeling division.

Whether you are rebuilding, remodeling, or decorating, the Magic Wall System® Quick Planner was designed just for your situation. The Home Quick Planner allows you to design the perfect floor plan before your project even begins. Each planner comes with 700 pre-cut, reusable peel and stick furniture and architectural symbols, along with a 5,600 square-foot floor plan grid. For a limited time only, when you contact Magic Wall System® you will receive a Quick Planner for FREE--typically sold at $29.95.

Magic Wall System

This system is designed to be below grade. With water-and-mold-resistant R16 insulation, it creates a barrier between your basement living space and the damp foundation walls. Magic Wall SystemYour drywall is protected because it is seated on waterproof and mold-resistant risers.

No matter what the condition of your walls, you will have straight walls with this system. It installs in less than half the time of conventional methods and can be finished to the degree that you specify. We can completely finish your project or you can chose to do some of the finish work yourself at a reduced cost.

Engineered walls surpass building code strength by four times (current testing applies over 600 pounds of pressure). This allows your new walls to support all your heavy bookshelves and your flat screen TV. Your new walls will be stronger and more durable than the conventional "stick" finished styles . Don't worry if your current foundation walls aren't straight - you will have straight interior walls after installing our system, making decorating and picture-hanging a breeze. Our system will let you decorate the way you want confident that your new walls are straight, strong and even.


Floor TilesA concrete floor is cold and damp, and traditional carpets or wood floors trap moisture and allow mold and odors to grow - they are not suitable for these types of environments. Amazingly, most companies do not install flooring materials designed to function in these types of climates. Our floor tiles are made with water resistant materials designed specifically for this area. The bottom side of the tile has a pattern of raised pegs. These raised pegs create an airspace under your floor which provides a thermal break from the cold concrete; mold and odor-causing water vapor will not get trapped underneath, and the tiles will not rot or buckle like wood subfloors do. The system is modular so you can mix and match tile and carpet to suit your needs, and if a tile gets worn or damaged, it is easily replaced.

This flooring is attractive, warm, water resistant, and designed specifically to fit the special needs of these environments. Request a free estimate to see how our flooring can work for you.


Basement Windows

Windows are an integral element in most basement environments. However, window frames here typically rust or rot and don't stand up to the wet, dirty environment near the ground.

Our windows are made specifically for basements. Their all vinyl construction will never rust, rot or need to be painted, and their smooth-operating, double thermopane glass is energy efficient. A secure seal keeps bugs, rodents and other outdoor elements out, yet they are easy to remove for cleaning.

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Remodeling Basement in Des Moines, IA
We always wanted a finished lower level basement media room. After researching contractors we selected Jon's Dry Basement® Foundation Repair because of their MagicWall system. It just made sense to use inorganic material in the space under grade level that is susceptible to moisture. From the ...
Mary And Bill L. - Des Moines, IA 50309

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